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Bank of England extends direct access to RTGS accounts to non-bank payment service providers

​The Bank of England is announcing today that a new generation of non-bank payment service providers is now eligible to apply for a settlement account in the Bank RTGS system. Holding their own settlement account at the Bank enables these non-bank PSPs to apply, for the first time, for detalii

Creating an integrated European market for Payment Initiation Services

Interview with Alain Bénédetti, co-Chair of the Euro Retail Payments Board working group on Payment Initiation Services The revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2) was adopted with payment innovation and safety to the fore. One of its purposes is to regulate at the detalii

Patria Bank vrea sa devina o noua banca de succes listata la Bursa, printr-un model de afacere inovator: incluziunea financiara a populatiei de la sate si finantarea micilor afaceri, cu ajutorul tehnologiilor digitale

Patria Bank, noua banca rezultata dupa preluarea Bancii Carpatica, isi propune sa urmeze modelul de succes al Bancii Transilvania (BT), de finantare pe Bursa, urmand un model de afaceri inovator, in care a acumulat experienta: incluziunea financiara a zonei rurale nebancarizate, in special detalii

Citi Pay digital wallet launches in US

Citi Mastercard credit customers in the U.S. can begin using Citi Pay, a digital wallet that offers seamless payments across channels with card number protection through tokenization. Simply using their existing Citibank online user ID and password, customers will be able to make online and detalii

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